Controls, manages and organizes efficiently

CMI is the complete solution for monitoring, managing and organizing elements centrally installed in a production plant consisting of several conveyor belts and lifts.
CMI provides information on each of the tapes and all the elements that compose it.

- Model and bandwidth and features.
- Upper and lower turning rolls.
- Gluing drums.
- Primary and secondary scrapers.
- Power elements: engine, gearboxes, pulleys, belts, belt drives.
- Protections.
- Skirt.
- Fairings.

Transportation chains
- Chain quality, models and step.
- Types of drive pulleys.
- Different blade models.

Trucks band
- Width, pattern and quality of the elevator belt.
- Buckets models and types.
- Diameter drum head and return.
- Lift speed.
- Screws and connecting elements joint.
- Security systems available elevator.

CMI optimizes maintenance of the facility. It is a convenient,
fast and efficient for plant managers and purchasing department tool.

- Quickly Visiona entire system on a single screen.
- Sorts all elements of the installation.
- Check all elements installed.
- Use all codes and customer Masanés.
- Makes ordering replacement parts.
- Control stocks of each of the tapes.
- Rationalizes stocks tapes components.
- Avoid errors in the application of spare parts.
- Easily checks for Changes to be made in the various components to unify belts.
- Upgrade Immediately plant Changes in the program.
- Online monitoring of all maintenance performed.