We optimize the efficiency of industrial facilities. Ensuring efficiency of industrial facilities is our main goal. Optimize resources and industrial plant machinery is our specialty. Through preventive maintenance, Masanes anticipates risks and problems that can affect the normal functioning of an industrial facility. It is a vital support to prevent occupational hazards..

Cost savings

Avoid problems and unforeseen stoppages that always result in highly costs for your company. Less costs and more production.

No interruptions, more productivity

Avoiding interruptions in the operation of the plant increases productivity. The preventive maintenance is profitable.


The safety and reliability in production are assets to their company. Our maintenance services, is on permanent alert and helps reduce workplace hazards and accidents.

Avoid interruptions and unscheduled plant stops

We are committed to the prevention of damage to the plant. Fewer breakdowns mean greater assets of efficiency.

Optimize resources

Extends the life of the machinery. Productive resources of the company hold their value over time.

Optimize resources