The new technologies make it essential to have personalized technical services assistance to ensure the productivity of your business.

Breakdowns and equipment failures or installation failures can cause delays, low productivity and even the complete shutdown of your business. These problems can be avoided with an efficient technical and preventive maintenance.

Masanés offers a renewed commitment that actually makes the availability of a technical department that provides low-cost chain solutions and benefits to your business.

Complete services for all needs:

  • Transportation Systems
  • Elevator Systems
  • Maintenance
  • Power Transmission
  • Reparations and installations

The most complete range of technical services for all your company needs. The technical office consists of a team of engineers and technicians specialized in different ranges of products for all variety of industrial facilities.

Advisory Service

Direct Customer Service to perform any modifications to a facility in order to achieve greater performance and optimize production processes.

Service Project

We realize studies for new installations or operational required total partial changes. Support to engineering companies or technical departments of our customers. Support for installers and maintenance personnel.

Engineering Services

According to our customers, we performed calculations for transportation systems, elevator systems, handling and powder materials.

Education Services

  • Presentations to our customers of new market product for the security of its facilities.
  • Courses explaining the appropriate application of each product.
  • Services realised in our classrooms or at the customer's premises, to optimize the expertise of its employees, in the handling of its facilitie.

Our comprehensive maintenance is the most comprehensive service available. This service allows a single company performs all the functions that include preventive and corrective maintenance and revision of the mechanical components. To this must be added the control of this service through our CMI program.







Operating the comprehensive service
Masanés teams in the same operation can repair and modify:
- Rubber belt conveyors and PVC.
- Chain conveyors.
- Bucket elevators.
- Power transmissions, bearings, drums, trough rollers, skirts.
- Discharge system, receiving hoppers and cleanliness in the overall installation.

We optimize the efficiency of industrial facilities. Ensuring efficiency of industrial facilities is our main goal. Optimize resources and industrial plant machinery is our specialty. Through preventive maintenance, Masanes anticipates risks and problems that can affect the normal functioning of an industrial facility. It is a vital support to prevent occupational hazards..

Cost savings

Avoid problems and unforeseen stoppages that always result in highly costs for your company. Less costs and more production.

No interruptions, more productivity

Avoiding interruptions in the operation of the plant increases productivity. The preventive maintenance is profitable.


The safety and reliability in production are assets to their company. Our maintenance services, is on permanent alert and helps reduce workplace hazards and accidents.

Avoid interruptions and unscheduled plant stops

We are committed to the prevention of damage to the plant. Fewer breakdowns mean greater assets of efficiency.

Optimize resources

Extends the life of the machinery. Productive resources of the company hold their value over time.

Optimize resources

Correction of faults or failures, when they occur, and not a planned, unlike the case of
Preventive Maintenance.

The planned corrective maintenance consists of repairing a computer or machine by arrangement with the customer in the desired time period.

Immediate solutions and no waiting to unforeseen contingencies that paralyze installation. The Masanes' team responds to contingencies that may occur unexpectedly in installation. We offer solutions at any time of the day.


Unexpected breakage repair facilities.

Repairs plant closed by accident.


Emergency Operations Service
You can request the service by following these operations:
-    Landline Calling all our workshops in business hours.
-    Call our sales mobile phone.

Our commitment
Masanes promises to give a response with a solution of your needs not up to 24 hours of your call.

Speed and efficiency

In one call, our teams will get ready for their service and they will respond to the client needs in a maximum of 24 hours.

Service targets:

Machinery installation and modifications of Conveyor Components

Repairs and belt splices

Whole range of products that require field installation

Operation 24 Hours Service

You can request the service by following these operations:

- Landline Calling all our workshops in business hours.

- Phone call outside business hours.

- Call our sales mobile phone.

Our commitment

Masanés promises to give a response with a solution of your needs not up to 24 hours of your call.

Controls, manages and organizes efficiently

CMI is the complete solution for monitoring, managing and organizing elements centrally installed in a production plant consisting of several conveyor belts and lifts.
CMI provides information on each of the tapes and all the elements that compose it.

- Model and bandwidth and features.
- Upper and lower turning rolls.
- Gluing drums.
- Primary and secondary scrapers.
- Power elements: engine, gearboxes, pulleys, belts, belt drives.
- Protections.
- Skirt.
- Fairings.

Transportation chains
- Chain quality, models and step.
- Types of drive pulleys.
- Different blade models.

Trucks band
- Width, pattern and quality of the elevator belt.
- Buckets models and types.
- Diameter drum head and return.
- Lift speed.
- Screws and connecting elements joint.
- Security systems available elevator.

CMI optimizes maintenance of the facility. It is a convenient,
fast and efficient for plant managers and purchasing department tool.

- Quickly Visiona entire system on a single screen.
- Sorts all elements of the installation.
- Check all elements installed.
- Use all codes and customer Masanés.
- Makes ordering replacement parts.
- Control stocks of each of the tapes.
- Rationalizes stocks tapes components.
- Avoid errors in the application of spare parts.
- Easily checks for Changes to be made in the various components to unify belts.
- Upgrade Immediately plant Changes in the program.
- Online monitoring of all maintenance performed.

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